Calvary Chapel Eastside

cceIn the early 80’s Wayne Taylor, pastor of Calvary Fellowship Seattle, began a Bible study in the Issaquah home of Hans and Karin Korten.

Shortly thereafter, Lorne Gunther became the pastor of this fledgling group and faithfully taught them God’s Word until 1996. During that time CCE grew to about 200 strong and began looking for some property upon which to build a gathering place. A beautiful site was selected in the Lakemont District. As 1996 came to a close, Robert Case was installed as senior pastor and that which was begun in faith and love has continued to prosper under God’s gracious hand.

Since then, the Lord has faithfully grown the congregation both spiritually and in size. The beautiful Lakemont Campus was opened in 2014, and it has become a beacon of light to the people in the surrounding neighborhoods , in Bellevue, and throughout the entire Eastside.

Along the way, members of Calvary Chapel Eastside have been sent out to plant churches in nearby Redmond, in Washington, Missouri, in Leipzig, Germany, Salzburg, Austria, Port Loyola, Belize, and in London, England. In addition, we have missionaries who minister in Asia, Africa, South America, and throughout the world.   God has truly been gracious.